Or have you been annoyed by a skin rash that was the result of fuzzy or tousled nightwear? Chances are that you have, and you should know that you are not alone. The right nightwear can not only help you get a good night’s sleep, but it can also make you look sexy and feel comfortable.


WTT fashion understand your sleepwear needs and wants, and that’s why we now bring you our frequently-updated women’s nightwear collection. Whatever you like sleeping in, be it nightgowns, chemises or negligees, loose t-shirts and pajamas or nightdresses.

Popular Types of Nightwear

Did you know that before the 1800s, sleepwear was over-sized and boxy? It was only after the invention of the sewing machine that it became more form-fitting and elaborately decorated. Today, there are many fun variations of the classic nightgown along with other similar women’s night clothes. Read on to know more about what is on offer in WTT’s ladies’ nightwear collection:

  1. Night suits: These are uber comfortable sets of tops/t-shirts and pants made of cotton, viscose, or synthetic among many other fabrics. These are best worn during the cold months as they cover you from head to toe.
  2. Babydoll: This is sexy nightwear that is usually made from sheer fabric and is sleeveless and short-hemmed. Brides love this variant and make it part of their bridal wardrobes.
  3. Chemises: These are much like babydolls but more figure-hugging, especially at the hips. These are best worn during the summer months when you want to cool down or for when you want a sexy, alluring look.
  4. Nightdresses: They are loose, straight-silhouette gowns that end below the knees or above the ankles. Our nightdresses are made from knit cotton and offer maximum breathability - a must-have for anyone who desires fuss-free, extra-comfortable nightwear.
  5. Nightgowns: They are longer versions of the nightdress and come with sleeveless, strappy or lace details.
  6. Sleepwear shorts: These can be coupled with other nightwear tops and T-shirts or even a minimalist camisole for a simple sleeping outfit. You can also always wear a long house robe over them if it gets too cold.

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