WTT Fashion Agency helps you to import your products from Turkey . We are with you on all steps till you get your goods till delivery adress .

Shipping clothes from Turkey - Import clothes from Turkey 

The process of importing clothes, shoes and accessories from Istanbul is considered to be one of the most important service that WTT Fashion Agency provides professionally and with experience whether air or land freight.

Most of the time air freight is adopted as the main clothes shipping method due to the quick delivery time of shipment and the ease of receiving it, so relatively the cost of airfreight is no longer high especially for the small and medium shipments.

But in case of large shipments and the delivery time isn’t one of the importer’s priorities the land freight from Istanbul will be a very reasonable decision.

WTT Fashion Agency provide in shipping clothes from Istanbul

  • Checking the content through the sent packing list and inspect goods generally and also checking the adequacy of packaging and inspect it to make sure that it is suitable for international shipping, and informing the customer about each stage evaluation.

  • Scheduling receiving date in Istanbul and delivering date at the country of destination according to the size of shipment.

  • Providing the required documents from bills, certificate of origin and other documents needed for shipping from Turkey and also to complete custom clearance at the country of destination.

  • The possibility of tracking the shipments until the arrival at the country of destination.

  • Providing door to door clothes shipping service in Istanbul.

  • Goods insurance if you want.

Samples Apperal cargo , shipping with DHL and UPS from Turkey

Also we could transport your good as samples from Turkey with afforadble unit prices . Please ask for our limitations for samples shipping from Turkey .